That certain something

We do not need to live on as we lived yesterday. Let’s get rid of this view, and a thousand possibilities invite us to a new life.
Christian Morgenstern


Nothing is in the mind that was not previously in the senses
Thomas von Aquin

Stroking the warm, soft fur, the unconditional care and emotional closeness, the warmth and absolute recognition of an animal enable symptoms to be relieved and have positive effects on people's experiences and behaviour.

The mere presence of an animal changes the atmosphere in the room and makes it easier for many people to open up and share their thoughts.

My dogs cooperate in a very sensitive way or simply lie next to someone to be stroked and touched.

As a responsible dog owner, I attach great importance to treating my animals in a natural and species-appropriate manner. There are certain rules that apply to people and animals that must be adhered to so that everyone feels comfortable.

This includes respect on both sides, as well as sufficient rest periods and maintaining individual distance. The dogs respect that they only come into contact with people who want this.

In the case of animal hair allergies, I ask my clients to come to my practice in their own personal responsibility and with any necessary medication prescribed by the doctor.