That certain something

We do not need to live on as we lived yesterday. Let’s get rid of this view, and a thousand possibilities invite us to a new life.
Christian Morgenstern


Sibling constellations are essential for the development of mental structure formation.

The sibling position, such as the first-born, second-born, “sandwich children” also have typical characteristics that can manifest as character traits.

If a child is accompanied psychotherapeutically, he or she gets the opportunity to further develop his or her personality. Due to the elemental importance of the sibling relationship siblings can engage in this process in the course of a therapy. Conflicting interactions or other stressful interactions between siblings can be solved. Sometimes it’s just the temporary presence of the brother or sister that develops more understanding for each other and helps them get along better.

Adult sibling sessions are possible as well.

Sibling sessions last 90 minutes each.