Clinical Hypnosis

The caterpillar thought that the world was over,
it became a butterfly.

Peter Benary

Hypnosis is a healing process that has been known for centuries.

In the literature, hypnosis is defined as a condition that arises because the focus of attention is directed at something specific. This means that you are working on something in a very relaxed state.

Therapeutic trance lies in focused attention controlled in the best possible way in order for the patient to achieve his goals.
Milton H.Erickson

In order to be able to work therapeutically on a subject under hypnosis, the client is put into a trance. This roughly corresponds to the state we experience shortly before we fall asleep. At this stage, the brainwaves are in a very similar activity.

Hypnotic suggestion can facilitate the use of abilities and potential already existing in a human being, however untapped and underdeveloped due to lack of training or understanding.
Milton H.Erickson


Hypno - Mentaltraining for:

  • Executives
  • Musicians
  • Singers
  • Artists
  • Athletes

What is it applied for?

  • Unfolding and development of one’s own potential
  • More power and self-esteem for the best possible performance
  • Better performance - better mood
  • Serenity instead of doggedness
  • Relax with your own strengths to succeed
  • Successful leadership in the company


Learning a sound sleep behavior

How does this work?

  • Analysis of current sleep patterns and current sleep problems
  • Using a sleep log with visualization of success
  • Use of hypnosis techniques to support a restful sleep
  • In case of thought swirls: find ways out of the carousel
  • In the talk, finding solutions for sleep-robbing thoughts and other burdens of life


Sensitive mental accompanyiment during pregnancy

When does it make sense to begin?

As soon as you find out that you are pregnant, I accompany you and your partner until the birth of your child and should you wish so during the first months after birth as well.

With the help of special hypnosis techniques and therapeutic trance stories, you will be able to prepare yourself very individually for the course of pregnancy and childbirth in a pleasant atmosphere.

Damit dieses einzigartige Erlebnis so gelassen wie möglich erlebt werden kann und in schöner Erinnerung bleibt.

You will perceive this unique experience as calmly as possible and it will remain as a beautiful memory.

Note: This treatment does not replace the visit to the doctor, midwife or other conventional medical professions. It is intended as an additional accompanyiment enabling clarifica


Use of self-hypnosis to reduce the pain

What can I expect?

  • Gain control over the pain
  • Relieve pain with the help of one’s own mental strength
  • Stay pain-free in the long run
  • Identify signs of pain early and reduce them
  • Understand causes of pain and actively reduce pain

Note: This treatment does not replace a doctor’s appointment. It supports your pain therapy or strengthens your self - awareness in fighting your pain.


Recognize and positively change the interaction of body and soul in a trance.

Why can this be helpful?

  • Understand the body’s own language and work on possible causes
  • Promote the constructive cooperation of body and soul to relieve psychosomatic discomfort
  • Identify and change mental causes of your physical illness
  • Change destructive thoughts and patterns of behavior
  • Become healthier

Note: This treatment does not replace a doctor's appointment. It serves as a mental support for traditional medical or alternative medical treatment.


Together with you and / or your partner we deal with the desire to have your own children. Very often, the following or similar questions arise awaiting to be answered.

  • Is it really my deepest wish, the desire for a child of my own?
  • Is there something that blocks me internally and makes conception difficult?
  • Why does it not work for me like for other women? Self doubt.
  • What can I mentally do to increase the likelihood of conceiving a child?
  • What can we do if we cannot have our own child?

In addition to physical causes, unfulfilled desire to have children often has roots buried deep in the psyche.

Hypnosis can help understand your own desire to have a child and to develop a life concept that fits. Detached from the expectations of others with the focus on your own personal life planning. Very often the issue of having children is more than simply wanting to get pregnant. With these and other topics, we are working on hypnotherapeutic methods to give you and your partner more clarity.

Note: This treatment method does not replace a visit to the specialist and other conventional medical professions.

It serves as a mental support and accompanyiment for this unique topic in the life story of a couple.

There is no promise that you will get pregnant, but you will be more relaxed in dealing with this topic.


How do I achieve my feel-good weight?

There are 3 important components on the way to well-being:

  • The psyche and mental attitude
  • Food
  • Physical movement

You have to pray for miracles, but work for changes.
Thomas von Aquin

Your willingness for a well-thought-out diet change and the introduction of regular exercise into your life.

Pre-requisite for participation in my feel-good weight program.

In cooperation with the trusted doctor and possibly other professional groups such as dietitians, sports experts, trainers and exercise coaches etc, we will create an individual plan for moments of happiness for you. Throughout the program you remain primarily responsible for implementing the recommended actions.

My job is mental support, motivation and support with hypnosis sessions and therapeutic talks.


Living without fear - feeling safe

How can it be achieved?

In strong situation-related fears, I focus predominantly on symptoms to facilitate relief as soon as possible.

Suitable for all forms of fears, such as fear of flying, fear of heights, fear of spiders and other animals and all other fears that occur in certain situations.

Generalized fears, vague fears, etc. can be treated with further hypnosis methods. Very good results are achieved in combination with therapeutic discussions.


Using hypnosis to relieve chronic illness means:

  • Understanding and accepting one’s own illness as the language of the body
  • Recognize the impact on yourself and your social environment
  • Learn to minimize symptoms by self-hypnosis in a positive way
  • Use guided hypnosis and self-hypnosis for relief
  • Reduce the personal suffering

Through hypnosis and self-hypnosis techniques, it is possible to alleviate the symptoms of a chronic disease.

Chronic diseases mainly affect:

  • Cardiovascular system
  • Internal organs
  • Respiratory organs
  • Skin
  • Metabolism
  • Cancers
  • Mental illnesses


Medications and hypnosis

What do they have to do with each other?

Guided hypnosis techniques can positively influence the effect of a drug. Side effects may be more tolerable or less severe.

Regardless of the drug or conventional medical treatment method, hypnosis also helps in the area of action of the remedy. This method of therapy is also well supportive with chemotherapy.

Note: This treatment method does not replace any prescription medications, however, it can promote and support their effect.


Self-hypnosis techniques for relaxation in everyday life

As a burn-out prophylaxis or just for deep relaxation.

Without much time, you will learn techniques from the hypnosis area, which will help you to achieve more serenity and peace in life.

General note: Hypnosis methods do not replace the visit or treatment of a doctor.

Hypnosis is used as a supportive treatment.