If you have the intention,
to renew yourself,
do it every day


Individual Therapy

... is for adults who come alone or with an accompanying person if they wish to my practice.

In a complex initial discussion, we clarify your concerns and discuss together what kind of therapeutic support can be helpful for you. A regular evaluation of the progress of therapy facilitates a therapeutic accompanyiment adapted to your needs.

Possible reasons why you decide for individual therapy:

  • Great suffering due to the current life situation or due to distressing symptoms
  • Desire for a change in your life due to dramatic life events
  • Life issues that have been occupying your mind for some time
  • Discuss personal concerns in an atmosphere of trust
  • If you feel that you can not get out of a situation on your own or if you find it difficult to find a solution
  • If you can not cope with a problem on your own
  • If you want to find out why you are unhappy and want to do something to make a change
  • and much more

Children's Therapy

Children over the age of 0 come to see me in the company of a legal guardian or an adult confidant.

The child is free to choose whether to stay with me alone during the therapy session or accompanied.

Within child therapy, equitable and age-appropriate methods are used to solve the issues.

Parents or guardians are part of the solution and are individually and constructively involved in the therapeutic process. All interventions serve the well-being of the child. Discussions with parents take place on a regular basis as part of the therapy.

Adolescent Therapy

Adolescents are free to choose whether they attend the session accompanied by an adult or alone.

Various topics are addressed within adolescent therapy:

Mood swings, self-harming behaviors, depressive episodes, suicidal thoughts, unhealthy eating habits, compulsive acts and thoughts, finding identity problems, finding difficulties in others, bullying, conflict situations at home or at school or apprenticeship, psychiatric illness in the family, loss of a loved one or animal, lovesickness, ...