That certain something

We do not need to live on as we lived yesterday. Let’s get rid of this view, and a thousand possibilities invite us to a new life.
Christian Morgenstern


Owing to my rich experience, I offer a broad range of approaches to a goal-oriented treatment.

My therapeutic approach is rooted in both the systemic and the hypnotherapeutic therapy model. Both directions serve as the basis for my interventions in the therapy process.

In my practice, in addition to classical conversation therapy and hypnotherapeutic interventions, I use various creative methods, musical interventions (piano, guitar, djembe, Orff instruments, singing bowls, etc.), and many more.

The regular participation in advanced trainings with renowned institutions and supervisions is for me one of the main priorities enabling incorporation of the latest scientific findings in the treatment and serves among other things also as a quality assurance of my professional way of working.